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NOLOH's vision is to provide a single platform for developing all web projects -- from the most basic to the most complex, from sites to services to applications and everything in between.

We believe that only by blurring the lines between client and server and by eliminating the need to write markup and client-side scripts can that vision be realized. We believe that all web development now demands and creates a complex output of markup, scripting logic, and media that is best managed by an on-demand object-oriented application development platform.

NOLOH is that platform. Now NOLOH is prepared to make this critical leap towards simplifying the way web sites, applications, and services are developed. Our promise to developers has finally come to fruition:

Not One Line of HTML.


NOLOH was conceived in the Spring of 2005 out of the frustration on the part of a talented young developer, Asher Snyder, who didn't know enough not to ask hard questions. After beating his head against a web programming challenge that would have been trivial in a desktop application Asher wondered, "How come writing Internet applications that have sophisticated user interfaces like desktop applications is so difficult?"

Many people have asked themselves this same question and there are companies with tens of millions of dollars of venture capital investment looking to provide solutions and literally hundreds of Open Source projects galore that are working towards the same goal.

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core team bios

Asher Snyder
Co-founder, CEO

A programmer since the age of 11 who started programming professionally by 14, Asher is the driving personality behind NOLOH. A "technological polymath," he has extensive experience working with a vast number of programming languages and development methodologies from the desktop to the Internet, to scaling servers and architecting advanced databases.

He frequently gives talks at conferences around the world, and has written for various tech publications. When not working, talking, or writing, he contributes to open-source and the causes he believes in.

Philip Ross
Co-founder, Director of R&D

Originally from Kiev, Ukraine, Philip Ross moved to Brooklyn, New York in 1991. He joined NOLOH just weeks into its inception in 2005 and has since had a crucial role in developing the kernel. Phill, as he prefers to be called, is very well-versed and experienced in all sorts of programming languages. Outside of development, his interests mainly fall in the foundations of mathematics, including set theory, logic, and related topics. More specifically, he has been doing research on a theory of sets having the universal set and motivated by a certain philosophy. It is his passion to work on the low-level foundational questions, preferring frameworks over their applications. Through his background in mathematics, he strives to bring to development some of math's greatest ideals - elegance, clarity, and the importance of intuitive notation.

Clay Gordon
Co-founder, Evangelist

A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Clay Gordon is a veteran of more startups than he cares to admit and has been at or near the bleeding edge of successive waves of technology since the early 1980s. In addition to writing about technology over three decades, his CV includes stints in computer graphics, interactive multimedia, interactive television, and HDTV, and his list of consulting clients includes IBM Application Systems Division, Agfa Matrix, DuPont Imaging Systems, Silicon Graphics, and the Taiwan Broadcasting Development Fund, among many others.

His first Internet development project (for Agence France Presse) was in 1995 and he co-founded one of the earliest Internet ad rep firms in 1996. Clay has been the CIO/CTO for many web projects and, as a co-founder of Enfish Inc., is a named co-author on four granted patents in the area of information storage and retrieval.

Since starting his first blog in 2001, he has become regarded as one of the world's leading independent experts on chocolate. His first book on the subject, Discover Chocolate was published in October 2007 by Gotham Books/Penguin USA.

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