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Build for the Web Faster & Easier!
Simplify your Life. Reclaim your Time.

  • Develop in a single, object-oriented language.
  • Stop worrying about HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, and Comet.
  • Deploy seamlessly across all browsers and operating systems.
  • Create lightweight, on-demand websites and WebApps.
  • Boost your productivity. Develop faster, with fewer resources.
  • Enjoy many other exciting features.

NOLOH is an event-driven lightweight, on-demand, object-oriented Web application development platform. It is ideal for developing feature-rich web sites and web applications faster and with fewer resources. NOLOH extends PHP 5.1+, eliminates the need for HTML and JavaScript, and builds in many advanced features such as codeless AJAX, automatic SEO and a full suite of UI controls.

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NOLOH is a truly lightweight and on-demand framework. This results in significantly faster websites and WebApps on both the client and server.

Lightweight means that only correct and highly optimized code is loaded for every specific user, employing a number of various techniques to maximize efficiency.

On-demand means that NOLOH only loads the resources that are absolutely necessary at a given point.

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NOLOH has many features which have the net effect of saving developers orders of magnitude of time.

NOLOH is fully object-oriented from the ground up and is very high level, allowing you to instinctively write your code without reinventing any wheels.

Since NOLOH is a single unified language, it allows you to master a consistent set of concepts instead of having to become a guru on every web technology.

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not just another framework

People often ask us if NOLOH is a PHP framework. While NOLOH meets the classic definition of an application framework and does run on top of PHP, it's clear that NOLOH is much more than a typical PHP framework.

We feel that "PHP framework" has become such a buzz phrase in recent years that many people apply it to just about any development tool that happens to run on PHP. Its popularization has caused the term to lose much of its original meaning and value. Indeed, there are many products out there that are actually being passed off as "PHP frameworks" but are really nothing more than a basic library or an assortment of useful functions. NOLOH is most certainly not that, but instead consists of a deep, interrelated system of classes that structure virtually every aspect of the web development experience. There is a world of difference between a complete environment like NOLOH and a random collection of functions and classes.

NOLOH completely and fundamentally changes the way you write code and think about development. When you develop with NOLOH, you certainly adopt some of PHP's core syntax (such as use of the $ symbol), but your code will not look anything at all like conventional PHP; rather, your code and thinking will be dominated by the natural use of pure object-oriented principles. It is much more accurate to think of yourself as coding in NOLOH rather than as coding in PHP. Thus, while it is true that NOLOH technically extends and runs on top of PHP's basic functionality, we do not want our awesome and dramatic departure from conventional PHP code to be lost in the wording.

So we concluded that since NOLOH is actually an entirely new way to develop websites and web applications, it is more accurate to refer to it as a "development platform," though "PHP framework" is fine too.

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