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  • Single development language: Most web application development frameworks require a combination of programming languages including HTML, JavaScript, a client-side scripting framework for advanced JavaScript techniques, and a server-side programming language. Moreover, they often burden the developer with communicating data within this complex web of technologies. Developing applications with NOLOH only requires using a single, unified language: a superset of PHP that completely maintains all aspects of server-client communication for you!
  • Fully and completely object-oriented: NOLOH enables developers to enjoy all the time-proven benefits associated with object-orientated programming, including inheritance, abstraction, modularity, and the ability to create and use unlimited instances of the same class at the same time.
  • Lightweight and on-demand: NOLOH generates only the absolutely necessary concise, consistent HTML and JavaScript for any given view. Thus, initial load time is dramatically reduced, making NOLOH by far the lightest all-purpose framework in any language.
  • Application logic not exposed: NOLOH understands and separates the sort of straightforward tasks that can be delegated to a browser's JavaScript engine and the tasks that need to be executed remotely. Since all your non-trivial production code remains server-side, your valuable business logic always remains confidential. (How secure is it? View the source of this "page" to find out.) Contrast this with some "fat client" approaches to web development.
  • Code once, deploy everywhere: NOLOH handles all aspects of user agent detection and generates the code necessary for the most common browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and other browsers sufficiently like them) and operating systems. There is no longer any need for complicated " browser sniffing" statements that produce or execute different code depending on which browser is being used, dramatically slashing development time and headache.
  • "AJAX" functionality without any extra work: NOLOH handles remote scripting the same way it handles markup: transparently to the developer, for every supported browser. Not only that, but it single-handedly solves some of the biggest issues associated with remote scripting: bookmarks, the back button, and search engine compatibility and optimization!
  • Bookmark friendly: With NOLOH, it is easy to generate URI "tokens" that mark specific points in your application, allowing you to save a link and get back to it later or share it with someone else. (Refresh this view to try it out.) The application does not necessarily have to be started "at the beginning" every time. By referring to the token even the back button is "fixed" because it is interpreted as navigating between tokens.
  • Search engine friendly: NOLOH automatically determines when a spider tries to archive the application and creates a special, JavaScript-free version of your application. By serving 100% identical content (text, links, images, etc.) in a format spiders prefer, NOLOH works together with search engines to finally solve the important, old problem of searching dynamic applications.
  • Automatic SEO: Most Web applications are either impossible for search engines to deal with or require enormous amounts of effort by site developers to accommodate the search spiders' peculiarities. NOLOH sends highly efficient code to search engine spiders that avoids many of the pitfalls that even experienced coders unknowingly make on their sites. This helps spiders map your application more correctly, thus significantly improving your ranking.
  • Automatic state management: NOLOH handles all aspects of managing application and user view state for the developer transparently and automatically. By maintaining a fluid communication between server and client, server variables are populated with the correct data almost magically.
  • No <FORM>s, $_GETs, or $_POSTs. Commnication between the application and the server is a fullly integrated part of NOLOH's design. Rather than creating forms and using HTML instructions to move data, you create controls to display data and pass the contents to the serveer in your program. This means you are freed from worrying about such nuisances as quote escaping, special characters, or vulnerability to PHP script injection attacks.
  • Extensive list of packaged Controls: NOLOH comes equipped with a complete library fully customizable controls ranging from the most basic (Button, Label, etc.) to the most complex (Accordian, ListView, Menu, TreeList, etc.) You can also use many third-party controls to extend built-in controls, even when those add-ins contain JavaScrpt. NOLOH also offers various code modules (which we call "nodules") that may be downloaded and installed simply by dropping them into a specified folder.
  • Easily connect to any database PostgreSQL, MySQL, ODBC, and native connectors as needed are supported in an intuitive and object-oriented fashion. Enjoy a number of other luxuries with stored procedures, such as automatic escape of bound variables and even passing in arrays to databases that support them.
  • Secure: By implementing a number of different security checkpoints and authentication techniques that help safeguard your application against certain exploits, NOLOH is safe and reliable. NOLOH applications are fully compatible with SSL for transferring extra-sensitive information.
  • Fully flexible and extensible: NOLOH objects are completely extensible allowing you to easily extend them and create your own custom objects.
  • Visual properties can be assigned directly to NOLOH objects via class variables or by assigning a CSS class and attaching a stylesheet. Thus NOLOH uniquely combines both the advantages of standard desktop development and Web development.
  • Automatic error handling: NOLOH has built-in error handling that allows your applications to fail gracefully while alerting you to the problem.
  • Backwards compatible: Since there is already a huge amount of content that is formatted in HTML, NOLOH includes a MarkupRegion class that can be used to display this content, as well as a RichMarkupRegion class that can even be used to "NOLOHize" and add some dynamic functionality to existing markup without mixing any of it with logic.
  • Simplified lifecycle management: In other words, maintaining applications is much easier. When web applications incorporate markup and tens of templates or hundreds of pages, making changes and maintenance can be very difficult. NOLOH object orientation combined with no markup, not only simplifies maintenance, it speeds up development in a revolutionary way.
  • Great syntax: Since NOLOH is based on PHP, any PHP programmer will feel instantly comfortable with the NOLOH syntax, and since it is like desktop development, any programmer competent in standard, object-oriented languages can easily adopt NOLOH. NOLOH is also equipped with a number of syntactical sugars; e.g., any function whose name starts with a Get or Set can be called as a property, Events and ArrayLists are treated like arrays via square bracket notation, etc...
  • Minimal server dependencies: NOLOH does not require extensive server configuration. The NOLOH kernel and its supporting files are simply copied to a directory on any HTTP server already configured to run PHP 5.1 or greater. NOLOH functionality is accessed by simply including the NOLOH kernel library in the index file of an application.
  • NOLOH developers can use their own custom PHP libraries or third-party libraries such as PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository), in most cases without modification.
  • NOLOH does not dictate the tools a developer uses. Among the tools we use to develop NOLOH itself, the web site, and NOLOH applications are Zend Studio, Eclipse, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks and standalone code editors.

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NOLOH runs on any server running any HTTP server/OS combination that supports PHP 5.1+ - Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD - you name it. NOLOH is also fully compatible with release versions of FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera.

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